Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Flat or Fat?

We have a summer getaway planned in a few weeks and so I've been rigorously exercising - yoga, HIIT, weight training, etc.  This morning I was wearing sports bra and shorts and this is how my conversation with my son went:

Me: Is my tummy almost FLAT?
Quino: It's a little FAT.
Me: You mean a little FLAT? (emphasizing the L in FLAT)
Quino: No, I mean FAT. (sure na sure siya sa sagot niya!)

Kaloka talaga tong anak ko masyadong honest :)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Quino Says the Funniest Things

I have a very talkative 4 year old son.  He is the funniest little person I know.  He's at the stage where he asks a million questions a day and is just generally very curious about everything.

Some of our laugh-out-loud conversations:

Quino: Mom, I'm itchy all over (scratching his arms and legs)! Please put ointment.
Me: Stop scratching. It's all in your mind.
Quino: My mind is not itchy! It's my body!

Quino wrestles me and I tickle him.
Quino: (laughing so hard) Mom, please stop. Laughing makes me so tired.
Me: Do you know laughter is the best medicine?
Quino: NO! That's impossible! You can't drink laughter!!!

Me: I wish you could be a baby forever.
Quino: (thinking long and hard) OK mom, I won't eat na so I won't get big.

Quino: Mom, how come you won't allow yaya to make me calamansi juice anymore?
Me: Cause you haven't been drinking water recently. All you drink is calamansi juice. That's not good you know. It has a lot of sugar.
Quino: Mom, I just want calamansi juice. Why you put sugar?? Don't put sugar na lang!

Quino: (pointing to a man with a big belly) Look mom, he has a baby in his tummy!
Me: Quino, don't point that's rude. And he doesn't have a baby. That's just his belly.
Quino: He's fat.

Quino: Can you help me bring down my toys (pointing to his 4 toy cars)?
Me: You can do it yourself (trying to help him be more independent and not make utos all the time)
Quino: (Crying) But I'm not an octopus!!!!!!!!

Quino: Dad, what did you buy?
Daddy: Beer.
Quino: What's that?
Daddy: An alcoholic drink.
Quino: Huh? You can't drink alcohol!!!

Quino: Mom, what's the name of your school?
Me: I studied in Colegio San Agustin and De La Salle University.
Quino: University? I want to study in Monsters University!

He never fails to amuse me with his witty answers.  I hope he never loses that curiosity and charm :) 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

As I get older, I get a deeper appreciation for every year of life.  We hear of so many horror stories of young people passing before their time, and I can't help but feel blessed that I am given the honor of growing old.

That is my only wish and prayer - that I grow old and wise surrounded by my family.

So last Friday, I was very happy I got to spend it with both sides of my family (mine and my husband's).  We had a simple dinner in Zong (our family's favorite and also because Quino actually eats the food there) and what's even better is I bought vouchers at 50% off (double hooray!). 

For dessert, we had not one but two cakes - one from each of my boys :)  It's the best cake in the whole universe I kid you not.  It's the Torta delos Reyes from Aristocrat Bakeshop.  I strongly suggest - actually I insist - that you try it out for yourself.  And the trick to eating this cake it to leave it out to melt.  DO NOT REFRIGERATE and when you it eat I swear you will forget your name and have dreams of it afterwards.  You will thank me later I promise.

So I'm officially 35 and loving every minute of it!  And so grateful I get to spend it with these two lovies :)