Monday, June 30, 2014

Mexican Fiesta

Last Saturday was our yaya's day off. And since I can't cook to save myself, we went out for lunch. Coincidentally, I had a voucher for 1,000 pesos worth of food in Hermanos. Since my husband has been bugging me to try this place it was perfect timing.

We ordered nachos, burrito, rolled tacos, cheese quesadillas (not pictured) and churros.

The quesadillas and churros were a hit with my son.  Look at that silly face!

The burrito was nothing great according to my husband. We both loved the rolled tacos (chicken & beef). He liked the nachos but I personally prefer our homemade nachos. Must share that recipe soon. 

Overall it was good value since I bought the voucher for only PhP599.  And more importantly, it's Quino-approved!

Hermanos Alabang
Unit 9B, Molito Complex (at Madrigal Ave & Commerce Ave), Muntinlupa City
Telephone: 519-1062

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Spent Friday night with my good friend Banana. We attended a free make-up class in Rustan's (like their Facebook page here to get updates on free events) featuring Nars and TLC. 

I learned so much! I realized I've been putting blush on wrong all these years! And I realized after the session that the "no make-up" look takes so much time and effort!  You actually end up having layers and layers of make-up. So I guess I will just just stick to my powder and lipstick routine - tunay na no make-up look.  However, if you like the products, you get 10% discount on the products. 

After the class, we went to Draft for dinner and drinks.  I had the Fish and Frites. It was good I finished everything so fast!  And I had my favorite Amaretto Sour.  

It's so nice to have time away from my boys. I really should do this more often.  To more girls night out!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mac Convert

I've had an Acer laptop forever and recently got a Macbook Air. I am now a convert!

We have an iPad 2 and I use an iPhone 5s but the laptop is just crazy! It's so sleek and stylish and just overall a beauty👍

But there's a learning curve. Thank God for YouTube or else I would have never figured out how to sync that damn Magic Mouse it's so high tech!

If you have tips and tricks let me know. I'm still learning how to operate it.  

Monday, June 23, 2014

Back to School

May all your fears be fleeting,
And all your joys profound. 
May God hold you in His hand,
And keep you safe and sound. 
May wonder fill your mind,
At the beauty of the world,
At new friends who are kind,
All precious as a pearl. 
You are my heart, my child,
Know that this ia true. 
Wherever your path takes you,
There I shall go too. 
On this journey we go together,
Though by day you are alone. 
Until you're home I'll think of you,
More than you can know. 
Tell me all that you discover,
Each and every day. 
Share with me the highs and lows,
As you learn and play. 
At day's end in your soft bed,
With our hands entwined as one,
Before you sleep I'll pray for you,
In thanks for a day that'a done. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

To my wonderful husband and the best dad for Quino, thank you for being my partner in raising our son. From taking the night shift when he was a newborn (due to medical reason I was unable to stay up at night), to teaching Quino to ride a bike and disciplining him when he gets out of line. A big thank you for all that you do!!! We love you!

I hope you enjoyed your day because the rest of the year is Mother's Day!😝

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Boracay Birthday Getaway

We are back from our huling hirit sa tag-init in Boracay to celebrate Quino's birthday.

We took the 530 am flight to Caticlan via Cebu Pacific. Check in was a breeze (thanks to web check-in). The little boy was so excited to ride the airplane. He took the window seat and he was just looking out the window the whole flight. He didn't get scared or fussy at all!  

When we arrived, the staff of Sea Wind Resort was already waiting to take us to the port. They had a dedicated bangka waiting for us. Again, the birthday boy was so excited to ride a boat (he is obsessed with airplanes, boats, trucks, etc). 

When we got to the resort, we left our luggage at the lobby and proceeded to McDonald's at station 2 for breakfast. After that we went back to the resort and changed into our swimsuits. Our room was still not ready but they had clean restrooms in the lobby. At 11, we were informed our room was ready (regular check-in is at 1pm) so big thank you to management for accommodating our early check in request. 

The room was perfect for us. It had a queen bed and a single bed. It was very spacious and clean. It had the usual amenities - tv, ref, safety deposit box. The bathroom was clean and well stocked with toiletries. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture. There's no bathtub or bedet (only native coconut husk tabo) but the water heater worked fine during our stay. Although on our last day, there was poor water pressure. 

We got a promo rate of PhP6,000/night for 2 persons with breakast and transfers. We just had to pay additional 500 for the child's transfers.  This is a good deal because the resort is right beside Pearl of the Pacific, White House, Sur and Two Seasons where rates are much higher. 

We personally prefer staying in station 1 because it is perfect for families with small children. It's located on the quiet side of Boracay away from the party places. 

Also the stretch of beach here has finer sand and cleaner water. We noticed in station 2 malumot na

Thankfully, the weather was perfect during our 3 day stay. 

It was a great vacation! Lots of lounging under the coconut trees, sunbathing, playing in the sand, swimming (we alternated between the ocean and the swimming pool) and of course, eating.  

The free breakfast was a winner for us. Even my picky 5 year old had plenty of options. 

It was our first family vacation without our yaya. And it was a success!  Quino's at the age where he doesn't need a lot of supervision so we were all able to relax. 

Here are some photos from our short but sweet trip:

The birthday boy had a blast! He even thought we had arranged for fireworks (there was a wedding in Discovery Shores) and fire dancers (in Astoria) for his birthday. Ssshhh...don't tell him it wasn't us. We are officially the coolest parents in his eyes!

This trip wouldn't be complete without a picture of Quino sitting on this small bench at D'Mall. Here's a collage of him on the same bench at 1,2 & 4 years old. How time flies!  Sana lang hindi nila to tanggalin ever!

Happy Birthday Quino! We love you!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Letter to my Son on his 5th Birthday

Dear Quino,

Happy 5th Birthday! 

It seems like only yesterday when we brought you home from the hospital. Born preterm at 36 weeks and weighing only 4.13 lbs., you were our little fighter.

Now you are 5 and exerting your independence. As the years passed things got challenging and sometimes we find ourselves in very difficult situations. We have agonized over many difficult decisions we had to make when it came to discipline. We have had many arguments but we are learning to parent as a team. I hope you know it's not easy for us to say no to you. We don't like hurting your feelings but we do it because we want to raise you well. We will not always give you what you want but we will always provide what you need. And at the end of the day we hope you grow up to realize that it's not the material things that matter but family.

I look back at the 5 years that have passed and I realize my superwoman days are coming to an end You no longer need me to kiss you ouchies away. You just ask me to put a BandAid on it Your favorite thing to say while I'm working and you're playing in my room, "Mom, please come here and spend ten minutes with me. I want to cuddle." Always, anak. Always and forever. You changed my life when you were born. I love you!



Friday, June 6, 2014

Ready for the Beach

After 3 years, we are Boracay bound! We are beyond excited! Of course I had to go shopping for new clothes for the family. Thankfully I was able to score unbeatable finds. 

I got these bikinis at the Trendsetters bazaar. These beauties are from Indie-go and were 2 for PhP 1,199! You can't beat the price because my old bikinis from Cocomo, Soak Swimwear and I love koi retail for almost 2,000 a piece. So of course I couldn't resist these!  Such a steal!

For my husband's board shorts we went to Metro Department Store in Alabang. I got all 3 for PhP600! Left: 200, middle: 100 right: 300. They are still on sale until June 15. So drag your hubbies now!  Pwede pa yan for next summer!  Or if your husbands are like mine, they can wear them all year round. 

I also bought my son new bottoms in Metro. But these were not on sale. Left: 399.75, right: 299.75. 

I also got him these summer shirts for PhP175 each at SM BF Homes. 

And lastly, these colorful shirts made of very good quality cotton from SM Smart Buys for only PhP 99 each! I love SM they really have it all for you! What's even better I paid using SM gift certificates (from using my BDO credit card) so really it was free!  Double hurray!!

Few more days til our huling hirit sa tag init!  At least we hope it's still sunny when we get there :)