Monday, June 13, 2016

Back to School

Welcome to 2nd grade, Q!  May you dare to be completely yourself, to learn with enthusiasm, to question things, to fail with grace, to succeed with humility, to be brave, to love learning, to make good friends, to be happy, and to always know that no matter what, we will be there for you on every step of your journey of growing up, even when you won't hold our hand anymore or you want us to drop you off 2 blocks from your friend's house because we "embarrass" you.  


Mommy & Daddy

P.S. Daddy is bummed you didn't want to kiss him😂😋

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Happy 7th Birthday, Q!

Dear Q,

Happy 7th birthday, my baby boy!  I am amazed at how time seems to be moving at warp speed.  I truly can't believe you are 7.

I hope you won't grow up too fast.  You are at that stage where you like all things "cool".  You prefer to be called handsome rather than cute.  The tantrums have made a huge comeback!  You are starting to exert your opinion and your will.  Yes, things have been challenging for me and daddy lately!

But underneath these outbursts, you are still my sweet, loving boy.  You often ask, "Mom, why do I love you so much? Is it because I have a special connection to you because I lived in your tummy for months and months?"

I know exactly how you feel.  Because of you, I am able to experience the most amazing kind of love - the love between mother and child.  I tell you I love you 100x a day and yet I don't think I can fully express how much I love you.  You have my heart.  I wish only the best for you - a long, happy, healthy & amazing life!

I love you very, very much!!!