Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Happy Graduation

Dear Quino,

Tomorrow we will celebrate your graduation from preschool.  I am sure I will shed many tears when I see you go up on stage (and for sure daddy will tease me about it).  You have come a long way since the first day of Senior Casa two years ago.  I used to walk you to class everyday and we would have a big show of saying bye-bye with you hugging and kissing me for a good 5 minutes.  And then you would stand by the door and wave to me, "Bye, mom. I love you!" over and over and over until I go down the stairs.  This went on every single day for a whole school year.  Now I am lucky if you remember to kiss me when I drop you off! :(

You look so grown up now!  The buzz cut (the hairstyle you wore for many years just like daddy) has now been replaced by the crew cut (which you saw on Instagram and insisted you would grow your hair out).  And when I call you "Quino baby" you always remind me that you're no longer a baby but a kid and "Mom, soon I'll be an adult!"  Not too fast my baby boy, not too fast...

You have grown by leaps and bounds this year.  Many thanks to your Montessori teachers for mothering you so lovingly.  I must admit, you had a long uphill climb to catch up with your peers and I was worried for a second.  But thanks to your desire to learn and better yourself, you are now reading books on your own and writing in cursive beautifully!  We will tackle spelling in no time, I am sure!

I know you have a lot of apprehensions about leaving your classmates and teachers behind and moving on to grade school.  Honestly, I worry too.  I know how shy you can be and how it takes time for you to make friends.  I hope and pray your new classmates will see past your shyness so they can get to know what an awesome boy you are! I hope you make lifelong friends in grade school.  I really do.  I hope the kids are nice to you and that you love your teachers and that you are surrounded by wonderful people.  

I wish I could keep you this little forever.  But every day is a lesson in letting you go and allowing you to spread your wings and learn to fly on your own.  We are very proud of what you have accomplished and we hope you continue to strive to work harder and do better.  You might not need us around as much to help you but we will always be beside you every step of the way.

Congratulations, anak! Keep up the good work!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mario Inspired Birthday Party

Quino's never had a birthday party with friends.  We always celebrate it with just family so when he asked us if he could have a simple party in school, we obliged.  

He wanted a Mario Bros themed party.  Pinterest was my go-to resource for the invitation template.  I downloaded it here.  There are other free designs available.  

In keeping with the Mario theme, we decided the give away would be gold coins in a DIY gold gift box. 

Cake was from Mary Grace and we just used the Mario Happy Meal giveaway from McDo.

The most important request - he wanted his favorite KFC! And spot the red (Mario) & Green (Luigi) balloons for the kids.

Of course, we had to invite cousin Drake.

The party was a success! Look at my boy's happy smile :)