Thursday, August 28, 2014

Anniversary Dinner at Kessaku

We love Japanese food.  Our go-to place is Omakase but we wanted to try something different.  I read rave reviews about Kessaku so we decided to have our anniversary dinner here. 

Dinner service starts at 5:30 p.m. just so you know.  We arrived at 5pm (yes, we are early birds) because the little one came with us and he was starving!

They were kind enough to offer us the menu so we can browse.  We decided on the following:

Dynamite Roll PhP 240.00
Tantanmen Ramen PhP 340.00
Gyoza PhP 165.00
8 pieces Ebi Tempura PhP 650.00
Unlimited Lychee Martini PhP 299.00

The Good:
  1. The Happy Hour is a really good deal (paging my alcoholic friends!).  I got the Lychee Martini & my husband ordered the Classic Mojito.
  2. The tempura was big and flavorful.
  3. The waiters are really attentive and friendly.
The Not-so-good:
  1. The gyoza was too greasy. 
  2. The ramen was a disappointment to my husband.  He had requested for it to be really spicy but there was absolutely no hint of spice. But Quino loved it! 
  3. The Dynamite Roll was so-so. 
  4. The service was a bit slow (maybe because we had arrived too early & they were not set up yet?)
Overall, it was a good experience.   If you live in the south, this restaurant is worth checking out.

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